What We Do


We provide a broad spectrum of services which can be tailored to suit your business needs and budget. From a simple design job to a business-wide media management solution, we can scale down or up as you require.

Creative and Branding

Vida Loeb was built on the back of our creative and branding services. We pride ourselves on not only creating beautiful design but design that is relevant and fulfills our clients requirements. We work closely with our clients to craft logos and brands that reflect a business and their story. We have the team and expertise to then promote the brand through the channels that best suit the business requirements.

Web & Technology Solutions

We have been working on websites and web based solutions for well over 10 years. From a simple website to an enterprise solution we can take your concept or business requirement right through to deployment and training of a fully functional system.

Cloud Based Media and Brand Management

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OK, so you’ve got a great brand and brand story. We can ensure your brand is seen and understood by the market that most benefit from your product or service. If you don’t know what your market is, we can help you identify the right geographic, demographic & psychographic mix.

Print Management

We have a deep understanding of the printing industry and the technical knowledge to ensure what you see on screen accurately represents what is delivered in printed form. Our network of preferred suppliers allow us to get the right output at the right cost.

Photography & Videography

To add depth of connection and pertinence to our branding and design its common that we commission photography. Our long established relationship with some of NZ’s top commercial photographers allows us to provide high-end commercial HD photography and video at very competitive rates.